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Anonymous asked:

u forgot to add that urine is sterile

Nah I just didn’t add that because it’s not technically true, and I do NOT want all the science tumblrs getting all up in my business.

Urine is more or less sterile until it leaves the body, at which point any bacteria on the urethra, penis or vulva could be picked up by it. It also isn’t sterile the moment it touches any other surface.

So while it’s fairly clean (far far cleaner than poop), and very rarely carries any kind of pathogen or disease, it isn’t sterile and can’t be treated as such.

Can someone give me ONE good reason why it’s socially unacceptable to urinate in the shower?

It saves time, it saves water, it all goes down the same drain anyway and you’re washing with soap and water afterwards, wayyyy more hygienic than wiping with dry toilet paper (or sitting on a toilet seat for that matter). Plus you get to check the colour every day which is a good indicator of health.

Obviously not in public showers because even I don’t want a strangers piss on me. Or if you have a phobia of urine or are triggered by it.

Trigger warnings in place for urine.

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